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Regulations and Guidelines for Gatherings During COVID-19 Outbreak

NTNU Pandemic Safety Measures Announcement
Regulations and Guidelines for Gatherings During COVID-19 Outbreak(May 4, 2022)

1. General regulations:

 (1) Real-name registration, temperature checks and mask wearing throughout the event are required for all participants.
 (2) Avoid eating or drinking during the event.
 (3) Good ventilation should be maintained in the venue.
 (4) Incentives should be planned for participants (including crew members) to get the COVID-19 vaccine booster (third dose).

2. Maximum number of participants:

 (1) Outdoors: no limit.
 (2) Indoors: The maximum number should be reduced to two-thirds of the number of seats or capacity limit at the venue.

3. Masks should be worn at all times during arts and cultural activities (ex: music, dance or drama performances, filming, rehearsals). Performers of wind instruments may remove their masks temporarily if they comply with prevention measures of the CECC and competent authorities, but should put the masks back on right after the performance. Other performers may not wear a mask during the performance if they have received the COVID-19 vaccine booster shot (third dose) or have been tested negative with a rapid test or PCR test 48 hours before the performance.

4. Sports events should be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of each venue and the competent authorities; personnel (such as coaches and trainers) should follow the latest COVID-19 immunization protocols and measures announced by the CECC and competent authorities. A list of competing athletes should be registered in advance. Athletes without respiratory symptoms may temporarily remove their masks during the competition, but must still wear masks throughout the rest of the event.

5. If a tour bus is required for off-campus activities, masks must be worn at all times and no food or drink is allowed on the bus.

6. For large-scale events with more than 250 people, a pandemic prevention plan must be submitted to the school's COVID-19 Task Force for approval beforehand.

★ The above regulations and guidelines have been approved at the 71st NTNU COVID-19 Coordination Meeting and will be updated on a rolling basis based on the pandemic situation and relevant government policies.