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President Cheng-Chih Wu Encourages Graduates to Courageously Pursue Their Dreams

National Taiwan Normal University held its 110th Commencement Ceremony on May 21. During the event, President Cheng-Chih Wu exhorts the Class of 2022 that they “must pursue their dreams with courage.” The following is his full speech:

Distinguished guests, professors, graduates, and families and friends joining us online, good morning.

Today we celebrate the commencement of the academic year 2021-22. I am delighted to offer my heartfelt congratulations to all graduating students on behalf of the National Taiwan Normal University. Congratulations on your academic achievements and may all your dreams take you farther!

Last year, our commencement ceremony was held online due to the pandemic. This year, regardless of the fact that the outbreak continues to intensify, the efforts of all the faculty and students enable us to hold the ceremony both physically and virtually. While taking into account the need of pandemic prevention, we strive to present you a warm and joyful commencement ceremony.

We are grateful. You should firstly express gratitude to your parents, family members and friends for their love and support. You should be grateful to your professors for guiding you through your studies. You should also thank your classmates for accompanying you along the way; all the moments you spent together will become a fond memory in the future.

All of you have attained excellent education at NTNU. I am confident that with your continuous hard work, you will one day become the leaders of the society. Before you embark on a new journey, I would like to share two pieces of advice. First, to keep the innocent heart of a child. Always treat others with kindness and explore the world with a curious mind. Second, be courageous in pursuing your dreams. Dreams are difficult to catch but the journey will make you stronger and eventually fulfill yourselves.

From today onwards, you will officially join the ranks of NTNU alumni. I am sure NTNU will be proud of your achievements and contributions to the society. NTNU will propel bravely into the future with you.

Congratulations again, and all the best of luck as you spread your wings and fly high in pursuit of your dreams!

Thank you, everyone.