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NTNU Ranked 5th in 2022 Taiwan Universities Reputation Survey

The results of the "2022 Taiwan Universities Reputation Survey” Global Views Monthly, a local magazine, was released on June 8. Presidents and vice presidents of 133 colleges and universities in Taiwan evaluated the 'Best Universities of the Year' in the form of mutual evaluation. National Taiwan Normal University ranked fifth among national universities, one step higher than last year.

The survey pointed out that the three major aspects of running a school that school principals value most are 'industry linkage', ' interdisciplinary integration' and 'international cooperation'. According to the report, industry linkage depends on “academic-industry cooperation resources from alumni associations”. Whether the principal can introduce external resources to become a school-running aid and bring operational resources is an important observation point for principals when evaluating the strength of one’s school-running.

The report pointed out that although the humanities and social sciences of NTNU account for more than 60% of the departments of the school, it is very strong in ' academic-industry cooperation'. In 2020, the income generated by academic-industry cooperation was over 1.1 billion NTD, second only to National Taiwan University and National Cheng Kung University, and some science and technology universities. It’s part of the reason that NTNU enters the top five national universities in the 2022 Taiwan Universities Reputation Survey.

In addition, Commonwealth magazine announced the results of the '2022 World USR University Citizenship' survey in May, with a total of 38 indicators in four major aspects of 'university governance, social participation, environmental sustainability, and teaching commitment', as a way to examine the university's social responsibility and sustainable development. National Taiwan Normal University won the fourth place among public large universities, one place higher than last year.

National Taiwan Normal University's achievements in promoting university social responsibility are also concretely demonstrated in the recent participation in the international university sustainability evaluation system established by the American Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). NTNU received the golden medal, same as our sister school Penn State University and it is also the second side in the Asian region. This is a result of the outstanding cooperation between teachers and students in the long-term promotion of sustainable development.