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Distinguished Alumnus of NTNU Su Chun Hwa Encourages Students to Face Challenges

Distinguished Alumnus of NTNU, Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commissioner and Chairman of the New York Taiwan Center Su Chun Hwai was invited to give a speech at the Department of Mathmetics on October 5. He encourages students to learn and understand knowledge in different disciplines to create unique value. 

Su is the class of 1964 and the Distinguished alumnus of NTNU. He returned to Taiwan and attended the Centennial celebration on September 28. Upon the invitation of Chair of the Department of Mathematics Hsu Chih Nung, Su shares his life experience with students. As one of the first to study the field of Mathematics Statistics, he successfully applied theory into daily life. He believes when combining your expertise with other disciplines, you will become more competitive and irreplaceable. He suggests students to study finance or AI in the future if they are interested in exploring different fields.

He also shares the experience of raising his daughter Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD. When he first served in the New York government, he found that several talented colleagues were Jewish and he was deeply affected by the Jewish classic Talmud. Jewish people emphasize education and therefore, Su asked his daughter to learn math and piano at the age of 5. He told her to challenge the most difficult thing and you’ll be remembered and to make history. In 2019, the 7 nanometers product was launched, the income of Lisa Su became the top of the States and also the first female CEO to surpass the income of her male counterpart. 

Chairperson Hsu says that as NTNU has become a comprehensive university, ⅔ of students will not become teachers after they graduate. Students are encouraged to intern at related industries. Su encourages students to keep learning, especially in the world of technology. New challenges may come and you’d better be prepared for challenges in different times.