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First Overseas Recruitment of NTU System After the Pandemic

National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University, and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology are top universities in Taiwan as comprehensive, educational, and technical vocational universities respectively. In March 2016, the Ministry of Education approved the establishment of“National Taiwan University System”as an alliance in order to integrate, share resources, strengthen teaching and research, expand services to the society with the goal to become the world's top university system.

In August 2016, the three universities began their first overseas recruitment hosted by National Taiwan University of Science and Technology in Surabaya, Indonesia, and Yogyakarta. In November 2016, NTU went to Malaysia and hosted three recruitment sessions. In January 2017, NTNU hosted an academic event in the Philippines. Five years later, when the pandemic slowed down, the NTU system teamed up for overseas recruitment where NTU is responsible for Jakarta, Indonesia, NTUST for Surabaya, Indonesia, and NTNU for the one in Bangkok, Thailand for an eight day recruitment fair in the two countries.

The team of NTU is lead by Vice President for International Affairs Yuan Hsiao Wei; the team of NTUST IS Dean of Office of International Affairs Yeh Ying Jung; the team of NTNU is led by Executive Vice President Frank Ying and joined by Dean of NTNU School of Continuing Education Hu Yan Nan, Vice President for International Affairs Liu Yi De, Division Head Chen Chia Ling and International Student Advising Manager Yang Ya Ru.

The first session in Jakarta, Indonesia was held on November 27th at Jakarta Taipei School with around 200 people turned up. The second in Surabaya, Indonesia was held on November 29th and was very popular with parents and students with over 1200 people participating.

The last ones held by NTNU was in Bangkok. The first day at Thai-Chinese International School and Debsirin Samutprakarn School on December 1st and the second day, the Taiwan Higher Education Fair at Panyapiwat Institute of Management on December 2nd. Founded in 1995, Thai-Chinese International School is a top international school in Bangkok that focuses on education in Thai, English and Chinese. About 150 teachers, students and parents came to the session.

Pamut Prakan Thet Sirin Secondary School was founded in 1885 by King Rama V of Thailand. In 2020, the China Research Center was established to organize the planning of Chinese education, so as to raise the interest of Thai Chinese in learning Chinese. About 200 students came to the session.

Panyapiwat Institute of Management or PIM (formerly Panyapiwat Institute of Technology) is an institution of higher education founded with the funding from Sueksapiwat Company Limited. Around 150 people participated in the event and 580 people watched the livestream.

The first overseas cooperative recruitment of NTU System after the pandemic came to an end successfully at Panyapiwat Institute of Management. The total number of participants was about 2,300, receiving great attention from the students. Many students showed high interest and expectation for studying in Taiwan when they visited the booths and asked about courses of each university. It’s hoped that the three universities will cooperate more in the future so that more overseas students can better understand the NTU System and come to NTNU to study.