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OIA Christmas Tree DIY Event for All Students for Cultural Exchange

Christmas is around the corner. In order to connect international students and foster cultural exchanges, the Office of International Affairs of NTNU hosted Christmas tree making activities on December 13 and 14. Over 100 teachers and students enrolled for the DIY event and the campus is full of Christmas elements and festive atmosphere.


The organizer of the event Tsai Chia Chien said that OIA organizes 2 to 4 events for overseas Chinese students every year to build a sense of belonging overseas. However, although overseas Chinese students are good in general, they tend to be close with friends from the same hometown. Therefore, this year, for the first time, all teachers and students of the university are wellcomed to participate, whether foreign students, Taiwanese students or exchange students can enroll in the event.


President of the National Taiwan Normal University Myanmar Student Association Tuan Ching Jou said that since her freshman year, she participated in almost every activity organized by the OIA. She smiled and said that the OIA takes good care of students and invites teachers to teach in fun and interactive ways. Even though she is not good at making things, the teachers and teaching assistants are very kind and patient in teaching her how to make Christmas trees.


She added that she highly recommends students to participate in the activities of the OIA. Not only can they make friends from many different countries, get to know other cultures, but also have the chance to promote their own culture, which is very meaningful.

The material of the Christmas tree is quite unique. The leaves are not the plastic material commonly seen in the market, but with eternal flowers. Students can choose to make a cedar Christmas tree or a moss Christmas tree. Students glued the leaves to the Christmas tree model according to the length, and matched them with pine cones, snowflakes, ribbons and other decorations, and put it into transparent gift boxes to finish the making of a unique Christmas tree.