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2023 OIA Chinese New Year Party for International Students

Lunar New Year is the most important time for a family reunion to the Chinese people. In order to let overseas students further understand the cultural customs of Chinese New Year and experience the local culture, the Office of International Affairs of NTNU in collaboration with the International Youth Service Team, held a Chinese New Year Party for International Students on December 7th. A series of Spring Festival activities were designed to create an atmosphere as dinner at new year's eve with the form of large table dishes. Although these overseas students are away from home, they can feel the lively atmosphere and enjoy a good time with each other’s company.

This year, the reunion dinner was held at Shuie Yue Xiang Restaurant with traditional Chinese music performance, calligraphy writing, spelling out lucky phrases, guessing the 12 zodiac signs and lucky draw. 90 overseas students from Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, China, India, Myanmar, Hong Kong and Macao participated in the event, sharing the vibe of the lunar year with students from different countries away from their hometown.


OCAC Director of Department of Overseas Compatriot Students Affairs Lin Wei Te, University Librarian Law Shyue Cherng, Division Head of Academy of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students Wang Szu Yun and Dean of College of Liberal Arts Chern Chiou Lan, Vice President for International Affairs Liu Yi De attended the event to celebrate early new year with the students.


Director Lin wishes everyone a happy new year and said that the project 'expand training and retain overseas Chinese students' made by OCAC is to recruit students and assist them while in school and when looking for jobs in Taiwan. Vice President Liu said that he hopes the students can feel the joy of the lunar year in this event during the cold winter. This is the first gathering of the OlA lunar year event in two years. He wishes everyone a great year of 2023 and good luck on the final exams.