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NTNU Strives for Cross Cultural Exchange and Internationalization at Home

In the ranking of universities wordwide, the proportion of overseas students is one of the most important criteria in measuring the internationalization of universities. National Taiwan Normal University is ranked first in Taiwan in THE 2022 World University Rankings by international outlook. When facing global competition and the challenge of fewer students due to lower birth rate, only a complete international administrative support system can lay a cornerstone for talent recruitment, education for our university and Taiwan.


To promote internationalization, NTNU focuses on supporting foreign teachers and overseas students. The Office of International Affairs has developed a series of cross-cultural communication strategies to support overseas students' school life from a diversified perspective, which also creates an international learning space for local students. In 2022, OlA organized more than 60 cross-cultural exchange activities with more than 3,260 participants, which mainly covers the two strategies, one is to know more about Taiwan and local culture and the other is internationalization at home.


The reason for many foreign students that come to Taiwan to study is that they are interested in our beautiful culture. OIA has held an online Taiwan culture workshop to give incoming students an introduction about Taiwan. There's also a lecture given by a performer at the Contemporary Legend Theatre to show students the beauty of Peking opera. Local and foreign students can also get together on an outing to Dadaocheng. When a traditional festival is around the corner, OlA also holds parties for foreign students to feel the festive vibe when making tangyuan and reunion meals. The interesting events like soap making and Christmas tree DIY are not only fun but a great chance for local and foreign students to make friends while understanding each other's culture.

Cultivating overseas students to become international ambassadors of the university is one of the important strategies in the internationalization of the university, aiming at creating a multicultural environment in the campus. For local students who are not able to go abroad for international study, overseas students can promote local internationalization so that local students can be exposed to foreign culture. For example, the festival organized by NTNU, NTU and NTUST is a time for foreign students to introduce their culture and delicacy to everyone in the campus. There's a workshop targeting students who are interested in going to England, France and Germany with students from these countries to give short presentations about their home university and hometown. There's also a flip classroom that focus on cross cultural exchange and English discussion, participated by over 1,000 local students and more than 120 foreign students from 40 countries.


To reach the above mentioned goals, OlA selects students Ambassador and buddy for buddy program regularly every year to assist foreign students. Student ambassadors are mainly in charge of large events like welcoming parties and buddy helps the foreign student with problems they may face when they are new to Taiwan. OIA also encourages students to set up Facebook pages and groups as a platform to share information. In the future, OIA will continue to promote internationalization strategy on campus to take good care of foreign students as well as foster cross-cultural communication among all students.