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Discovering New Horizons: Japanese actor Fukuchi Yusuke’s inspiration speech with EMIFCC

Supported by the Office of Bilingual Education (OBE) at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), the weekly bilingual event 'Coffee Corner' (referred to as EMI FCC) jointly initiated by the College of Management and the College of Technology & Engineering provides a platform for language exchange and cultural sharing among individuals from different cultural and professional backgrounds. Since its inception, the event has attracted 400 participants and facilitated cross-college exchanges among students from the College of Education, liberal arts, science, technology & Engineering, management, and Mandarin training center.

On May 12th, EMI FCC was honored to have Mr. Fukuchi Yusuke, a model, actor, and soon-to-be author, as a guest speaker. The core theme of his speech was 'Life is an Adventure,' where he shared his growth journey and the pivotal turning point that transformed his attitude towards life. At 19, a profound experience during one of his trips as an exchange student in the United States sparked deep introspection, changing his perspective on life. He encouraged the attending students with the message, 'Only you can change your life,' urging them to embrace their life journey, courageously face challenges, and discover their true potential.

During the event, Fukuchi Yusuke invited the students to close their eyes for five minutes and reflect on their childhood dreams, writing them down. He then asked them to close their eyes again for another five minutes and envision their future aspirations. He emphasized that these moments of silence and introspection provide individuals with clear insights amidst the busy challenges of life. He passionately spoke about the power of pausing and wholeheartedly immersing oneself in the present moment, which leads to profound realizations.

Through his storytelling and experiences, Fukuchi Yusuke shared the power of introspection, perseverance, and personal growth with the students. His captivating speech at EMI FCC's 'Life is an Adventure' event left a profound impression, inspiring students to embrace life's challenges and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

EMI FCC upholds the purpose of 'Life is an Adventure. You Never Know Whom You Are Going to Meet.' It aims to provide faculty and students with opportunities for language exchange and learning from individuals of different cultural and professional backgrounds. And in the future, the event periodically invites industry professionals, key opinion leaders (KOLs), and others to share their insights closely with faculty and students. The organizers express gratitude for the continuous support from students who have participated in EMI FCC and encourage faculty and students who still need to join in seizing the rare opportunity to participate in this campus event!