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Universities of NTU System Visit Korea, Extend Welcome to Northeast Asia

Since 2022, National Taiwan Normal University, National Taiwan University, and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (aka Taiwan Tech), have been conducting academic exchanges and organizing educational exhibitions in Southeast Asia through their alliance within the National Taiwan University System and producing excellent results. In order to promote Taiwan's higher education and expand its international visibility, the three universities carried out this cooperation model again this June with representatives from each school jointly holding admissions briefings and participating in the Incheon Education Fair in Korea. The three universities of the NTU System hope to attract more Korean students to study in Taiwan.

Activities began on 9 June at Korea’s Sun Yat-Sen Memorial High School & Overseas Chinese Primary School. First, Principal Sun Seung-Jong met with the admissions teams of the three universities on behalf of the high school. During the meeting, Principal Sun detailed the education situation of local Chinese and Korean students, providing delegations from the three Taiwanese universities with a deeper understanding of Korea’s overseas Chinese community and education sector. Afterwards, representatives from the three universities moved to the auditorium to introduce the features of their respective institution as well as information related to the admissions process. They also shared about the collective resources and nature of cooperation within the NTU System. The nearly one hundred students in the audience responded enthusiastically in the question-and-answer session following the presentation.

On 10 June, the Incheon Education Fair was held by the Incheon City Department of Education. This education fair offered information on local and overseas universities for high school students in Incheon. The three allied universities of the NTU System were invited by the Incheon City Department of Education to participate in this fair to promote study abroad in Taiwan. Korean students, parents, and teachers expressed great interest in Chinese language learning resources at NTNU. Local high school teachers especially assisted in inquiring about Korean students’ future job prospects in Taiwan.

Education Division Director Cheng-Kei Cheng and Secretary Jing-Yi Weng of Taipei Mission in Korea attended the fair to show their support for the three Taiwanese universities. The entire event was warmly received by nearly 300 students and parents. Through this participation, NTNU and its allied universities were able to raise each school’s profile internationally and actively promote Taiwan’s higher education in Korea, attracting more outstanding Korean students to study in Taiwan and further strengthening the educational exchange between Korea and Taiwan.

Through the combined efforts of NTNU, NTU, and Taiwan Tech, the National Taiwan University System will continue to promote Taiwan's higher education and academic landscape as well as provide even more diversified tracks and abundant learning resources for overseas and foreign students.

*First student recruitment event by the National Taiwan University System since the pandemic: https://pr.ntnu.edu.tw/ntnunews/index.php?mode=data&id=21269