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Enhancing English Communication Skills: Cross-College Administrative Staff Workshops

On 5 July, the College of Management and the College of Technology and Engineering held their second cross-college administrative staff English workshop, igniting a lively response and attracting the enthusiastic participation of nearly 30 administrative colleagues. The workshop aimed to provide participants with a valuable learning opportunity, enabling them to confidently tackle the challenges of English communication, continually enhance their professional abilities, and foster more fluent interactions with faculty and students from diverse cultural backgrounds, thereby bolstering their international competitiveness.

We were honored to have Ms. Anita Lin as the guest speaker—a lecturer, freelance interpreter, and translator who graduated from our renowned Department of English and Translation Institute. With her extensive teaching experience in the industry, participants eagerly anticipated her expertise in English public speaking and presentation skills. At the outset of the workshop, Ms. Anita emphasized the significance of English presentations and shared valuable techniques. She delved into the structuring and organization of presentation content, underscored the importance of employing appropriate language and tone, and stressed the need for accurate information delivery. Additionally, she provided practical tips to enhance the effectiveness and allure of presentations, including techniques for delivering fluid speeches, utilizing captivating charts, images, and videos, and cultivating strong communication skills and confidence for outstanding performances.

During the workshop, Ms. Anita shared an ongoing case study, accentuating key considerations for English presentations. She highlighted the intimate connection between presentation skills and organized thinking, particularly underscoring the importance of selecting suitable words when communicating with faculty or students from diverse cultural backgrounds. The participants actively engaged with Ms. Anita, exchanging feedback and seeking her expertise. Her enthusiastic responses, along with valuable practical advice and solutions, further enriched the workshop experience.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, the College of Technology and Engineering and the College of Management have planned three additional themed administrative staff English workshops in July. These workshops will serve as platforms for participants to acquire further knowledge and practical skills, fostering the development of professional capabilities among administrative staff. Moreover, these initiatives will facilitate enhanced communication and collaboration with international colleagues, aligning with the demands of an increasingly globalized environment.

By fostering effective English communication skills, these workshops aim to empower administrative staff, enabling them to thrive amidst the evolving demands for talent in an international landscape.