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NTNU Exchanged with YST to Open Up New Cooperation Opportunities across Music and Technology

Recently, teachers and students from the College of Music, National Taiwan Normal University led by Prof. Wen-Pin Hope LEE, Director of the Digital Technology Research Center of Asian Popular Music, along with Assoc. Prof. Chun-Chieh Yen from the Department of Music as the NTNU delegation, visited the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, National University of Singapore for international exchanges, integrating their essential experiences of musical art and technological innovation. Prof. Peter Tornquist, Dean of YST, the teachers and students warmly received the NTNU delegation. In addition to the sub stantial academic exchanges, a bilateral concert was also held, making it a fruitful journey for the participants of the two colleges.

In the afternoon of October 31st, the first stop of the NTNU delegation was the YST’s most renowned recording studio in Asia to experience the latest 9.1.2 Overhead speaker surround sound system, which is in cooperation with a celebrated audio company. The tour was personally led by Assoc. Prof. Zhou Xiaodong, Head of Department of Audio Arts & Sciences, making it not only a unique but a mesmerizing cross-university exchange event for the NTNU delegation.

The department provides comprehensive and applied training to develop students' abilities as audio engineers, music producers, sound designers and acousticians, gifting students with rich professional technical and musical knowledge. The next day, on November 1st, in the welcome of Prof. Qian Zhou, Head of Strings, the NTNU delegation visited the various facilities at the YST Conservatory of Music, and participated in a Schubert seminar in the afternoon to further develop international academic exchanges.

In addition to the visits and exchanges in music academics, a bilateral concert was also held at the Conservatory of Music on November 2. Teachers and students from the two colleges shared their music performance aesthetics and creations with each other, leaving a deep impression on each other. What's more worth mentioning is that the two colleges have planned to launch a substantial cooperation project in 2024, starting up workshops on both sides to produce and complete the works created and performed by teachers and students of the two colleges.

This cross-university exchange not only has helped both parties learn from each other academically, but also has highlighted the complementarity with the fields of science and technology, reflecting NTNU's commitment to promoting interdisciplinary cooperation. Through the collision of music and technology, the academic community will engage in the in-depth dialogues and cooperation in new fields, which will surely bring more innovative possibilities to art and scientific research fields for both parties.