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New Japan-Taiwan Academic Collaboration Strengthens Global Outreach

The NTNU Extension School of Continuing Education has taken a significant step towards international cooperation by partnering with notable Japanese academics to establish the 'Nihon-Taiwan Science Education Communication Association (NTSECA).' This initiative aims to enhance grassroots science education in Taiwan, and strengthen the university's global engagement in continuing education.

With support from a diverse group of sponsors representing academia, law, industry, and education, the association has officially registered with the Ministry of the Interior. NTNU Extension Professor Hui-Ling Sung has been appointed as its inaugural chairperson. A ceremony held on November 16 to launch the association was attended by over 20 guests from Taiwan and Japan, including Vice President Akiharu Morimoto of Kanazawa University; Professor Emeritus Takumi Konno of Osaka University; Dean Wen-Chung Kao of NTNU’s Center for Academia-Industry Innovation (CIAI); Dean Yan-Nan Hu of NTNU Extension; Professor Ethan Zheng of NTNU's Center for General Education; and Association Chairperson Hui-Ling Sung. The event concluded with an informal tea event hosted by NTNU Extension.

In his speech, Vice President Akiharu Morimoto of Kanazawa University remarked on the shared educational philosophy and strong cultural heritage of Taiwan and Japan, expressing optimism for closer future collaborations between the two universities. Professor Emeritus Takumi Konno of Osaka University praised Taiwan as an excellent destination for Japanese students seeking international experience, specifically commending Taiwan Normal University for its bilingual capabilities, strategic location, and curriculum design.

Dean Wen-Chung Kao of CIAI highlighted the importance of this initiative in the internationalization of the programs at NTNU Extension, noting that the CIAI intends to play a significant role in collaborations between academic and industrial sectors to benefit both nations.”

Following the event, Chairperson Hui-Ling Sung emphasized the friendship between Japan and Taiwan. “The association aims to facilitate bilateral visits, encompassing language, culture, corporate interaction, and scientific research through visits to major industries, specialized laboratory experiences, workshops for English academic dialogues, and student exchanges,” she said. “This collaboration will significantly expand academic exchanges between Japan and Taiwan.”