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NTNU Joins Forces with Global Academic Alliances to Boost Taiwan's Educational Influence


In late-November 2023, NTNU officially joined the Taiwan-U.S. and Taiwan-UK Academic Alliances when Vice President Kwun-Min Chen and Director of International Affairs Yi-De Liu represented the university in signing official memorandums of understanding. These agreements align with the Ministry of Education (MOE)'s initiative, and will increase international academic collaborations.

The inclusion of NTNU in the MOE's International Alliance for Cooperation in National Key Areas signifies a major advancement. This group, composed of 12 elite Taiwanese universities, alongside the International Industry-Academia-Education Cooperation Alliance, redefines the scope of university exchanges by focusing on collaborations that integrate industry, academia, and research on an international scale. NTNU formalized its commitment through agreements signed in Texas, USA, and Edinburgh, UK, by Vice President Kwun-Min Chen and Director of International Affairs Yi-De Liu.

The global network, which includes 12 Taiwanese universities comprising the University Academic Alliance in Taiwan (UAAT), plans to establish 10 international bases with objectives encompassing student and faculty exchanges, dual degree programs, collaborative research, and the promotion of Chinese-language education globally. NTNU's participation includes forming partnerships with entities within the University of Texas and Texas A&M University systems.

On November 27 and 29, Vice President Kwun-Min Chen represented NTNU in ratifying Memorandums of Understanding with both the University of Texas System and the Texas A&M University System. These agreements span various fields such as engineering, science, medicine, agriculture, social sciences, and humanities. The collaboration not only bolsters NTNU’s relationship with the University of Texas at Austin but also facilitates deeper educational and research ties in areas like semiconductor technology, a key focus of the Taiwan-U.S. Education Initiative.

Furthermore, NTNU plays a pivotal role in the Taiwan-UK University Consortium, founded with the support of Taiwan's Ministry of Education and the British Council. This consortium, links four Taiwanese benchmark universities for bilingual education with four British universities, namely University of Edinburgh, Newcastle University, University of Liverpool, and University of the West of Scotland. In an MoU signed by the eight member universities on November 20, the Consortium aims to collaborate to address global challenges in areas such as Green Energy, Net Zero Solutions, as well as develop academic coorperation in English as a medium of instruction and learning in line with Taiwan's 2030 Bilingual Nation policy. The consortium will schedule regular exchange workshops and annual conferences to enhance this international academic collaboration. 

NTNU's active involvement in these alliances highlights its commitment to international education and research excellence. By forging academic connections across continents, NTNU is contributing to the creation of an innovative, inclusive, and globally influential academic community.