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Taiwan President Lauds Taiwan’s Academic Olympians Spectacular Streak

Coached by faculty from NTNU’s College of Science under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, a team of exemplary Taiwanese secondary school students were commended by Taiwan’s President Ing-Wen Tsai on January 8 for their exemplary performance in various international Olympiad competitions in mathematics and sciences in 2023, winning a total of 55 medals: 28 gold, 17 silver, 6 bronze, and 4 honorary awards, achieving a 100% medal-winning rate.

This performance significantly contributes to the ongoing development of science education in Taiwan.

Notably, in the junior high school science category, all six Taiwanese participants won gold medals, marking the country's 12th consecutive first-place ranking in international competitions.

On January 8, the Ministry of Education held an award ceremony to honor these students and acknowledge the dedication of the NTNU professorial coaching team, high school teachers, and teaching assistants. The support of these educators was instrumental in helping the students achieve international success. Later that day, Taiwan President Ing-Wen Tsai met with the award-winning students and professors at the Presidential Palace. She thanked the NTNU professors for their contributions to science education, and encouraged the young students to continue developing their talents and applying scientific methods toward future achievements for themselves and Taiwan.

Taiwan was represented by 55 students in nine Olympiad competitions in 2023, including events in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, informatics, earth sciences, and junior high science. A highlight was the 20th International Science Olympiad in Thailand, where Taiwanese students won gold, securing the top global ranking and bolstering Taiwan's reputation in science education.

Since 1991, Taiwan has consistently participated in international academic Olympiad competitions, amassing 539 gold, 431 silver, 281 bronze medals, and 136 honorary awards. This record demonstrates the solid foundation of science education among Taiwan’s secondary school students.

Deputy Minister of Education Lin Ming-Yu, Dean Jein-Shan Chen of the NTNU College of Science, and NTNU Chemistry Professor I-Jy Chang -- a standing member of the International Chemistry Olympiad Committee, all gave congratulatory remarks at the ceremony.

Receiving the 2023 International Olympiad delegation, President Ing-Wen Tsai praised the students for their performance under pressure and urged them to maintain their passion for science, as they are vital to Taiwan's progress. She also outlined government-funded programs that support students pursuing scientific careers, and encouraged them to remember their enthusiasm for science as they advance in their fields.