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NTNU-VNU-HUS Bilateral Symposium Enhances Collaboration in Science Education

From March 28 to 29, 2024, Dean Jein-Shan Chen and 16 faculty members from NTNU College of Science visited the Hanoi University of Science under the Vietnam National University system (VNU-HUS). This delegation, representing the Departments of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Earth Sciences, and Institute of Sustainability Management and Environmental Education collaborated with VNU-HUS to conduct a bilateral symposium that aimed to strengthen the partnership between the two institutions.

As a premier institution of higher education in Vietnam, VNU-HUS is recognized for its excellence in education and research in the natural sciences. Since becoming sister-schools with NTNU in 2005, the two institutions have enhanced their partnership through student and faculty exchange agreements.

The symposium represented a continuation and deepening of the relationship between the two universities, building on the foundation of Dean Chen’s previous visit in December last year. During that visit, both institutions expressed a strong interest in hosting academic symposiums and establishing joint research initiatives. This symposium not only realized these goals but also further consolidated the collaborative relationship between the two institutions.

The symposium was divided into two sessions. The first session included subject-specific seminars in fields such as physics, chemistry, life sciences, geology, meteorology, hydrology, marine geography, environmental science, and mathematics. These seminars allowed for detailed exchanges and discussions among faculty and students. Presentations by department representatives identified common research interests and potential collaboration opportunities, including jointly accredited courses and student exchange programs.

The second session of the symposium focused on expanding academic collaboration, with proposals for creating online courses, organizing seminars/workshops, and promoting faculty exchanges to deepen the partnership.

Key agreements were reached in the following areas:

  • Online Courses: Joint planning and offering of online courses by faculties from both universities to enhance student learning and foster international exchange.
  • Seminars/Workshops: The Science Faculty at NTNU plans to host a significant seminar/workshop next year to further research exchange and cooperation.
  • Faculty Exchange: Development of a faculty exchange program to support research collaborations and practical exchanges in various fields, including joint publications and lab partnerships in subjects like mathematics, physics, and chemistry.
  • Enrollment Cooperation: Discussions on introducing joint supervision and short-term visit opportunities for VNU-HUS students at NTNU, and inviting distinguished professors from NTNU to lecture at VNU-HUS, aiming to enrich the academic environment and attract more Vietnamese students.

This bilateral symposium revitalized the existing partnership between NTNU and VNU-HUS, and opened new avenues for academic and cooperative exchange between the two institutions.