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Japanese Holography Artist Joins NTNU Faculty

<p>By Vickie Lo<br /> Associate Executive Officer</p> <p>Japanese holography artist Setsuko Ishii will join National Taiwan Normal University&rsquo; (NTNU) faculty next semester, President Gou Yih-shun (郭義雄) said today.</p> <p>Ishii, a professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology and a holography artist veteran, will teach at NTNU&rsquo;s Institute of Electro-optical Science and Technology since spring.</p> <p>Gou said that Ishii majored in both Physical and Fine Arts.&nbsp; She received to doctorate degree in holography in Japan three years ago and began to promote holography arts by teaching in and organizing related exhibitions.</p> <p>&quot;Holography arts made my life a lot more colorful, Ishii said.</p> <p>Ishii said that when she learned western arts, &ldquo;light&rdquo; was an important and crucial part of paintings.&nbsp; For holography arts, &ldquo;light&rdquo; is also important as audiences will see different pictures from different angles of the same painting.</p> <p>Holography was the technology invented by Dennis Gabor in 1948. It is a skill to direct two light beams and to interfere each other on the recording material, and develops different types of holograms as transmission hologram, reflection hologram, rainbow hologram and embossed hologram.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>