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Korean Student Talks about How He Wins "My Impression of NTNU" Photo Contest

<p>By Adrien Stoloff<br /> Campus Reporter</p> <p>The Office of International Affairs held a ceremony to announce the winners for the 2008 NTNU Photo Contest for international students on Dec. 5.&nbsp; The winning photos were selected from over 200 finalist photos by a panel of three judges (comprised of a professor of graphic arts, a professor from the department of fine art, and the instructor of the photography club).</p> <p>Jin Yang, a Korean student and&nbsp; the first-prize winner from the &lsquo;my impression of NTNU&rsquo; category, had a conversation with campus reporter Adrien Stoloff regarding his work.</p> <p><strong>Campus Reporter: First of all, could you tell us where you are from and how long you have been at NTNU? And what book are you studying right now?<br /> </strong>Jin Yang: I&rsquo;m from Korea.&nbsp; I&rsquo;ve been here about one year and&nbsp;four months, and I&rsquo;m currently studying the Audio-Visual Chinese book four.</p> <p><strong>Campus Reporter: When and where was the event where you took this photo?<br /> </strong>Jin Yang: It was around February or March of this year in the kitchen on the seventh floor of the Bo-Ai building.&nbsp; It was right around the time of our end-of-quarter exams. My Chinese class held a cooking event to exchange recipes from different countries.&nbsp; All in all, about twenty people showed up.</p> <p><strong>Campus Reporter: The subject of the competition was &lsquo;my impression of NTNU&rsquo;.&nbsp; Why did you choose to submit this picture?<br /> </strong>Jin Yang: It was a unique moment. There are a lot of exchange students at NTNU, and in coming here we end up having many cultural exchanges. For example, in the photo I took, we were learning how to make the American [tex-mex] recipe, chili. I thought this photo was characteristic of a sincere cultural exchange.</p> <p><strong>Campus Reporter: That&rsquo;s interesting because many people who submitted photos decided to show pictures of architecture and what not.&nbsp; You chose students. Are you very interested in photography?<br /> </strong>Jin Yang: Yes, I really enjoy taking photos. But this photo was actually not even taken with my camera. I was just there at the moment and borrowed a friend&rsquo;s camera to take it.</p> <p><strong>Campus Reporter: So were you surprised to win this contest from a picture which was taken so spontaneously?<br /> </strong>Jin Yang: (laughs) A little, yes!</p>