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Learning from an Early Childhood Chinese Immersion Program in the Heart of Texas

With support from the Ministry of Education, NTNU launched an overseas education internship program titled “Immersive Bilingual Education - American Kindergarten Education Internship” in Austin, Texas, this January.

From Spaghetti Towers to Lego Houses: Cross-Cultural Insights from a STEM/STEAM Workshop

Participants present results on final day of STEM/STEAM collaborative design workshop jointly organized by NTNU's College of Technology and Engineering and Department of Design at Kyushu University (KU) in Japan from March 5 to 8.

Chia-Hung Tang Secures Leading Position in Olympic Qualification Rankings

NTNU alumnus and Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Chia-Hung Tang, has advanced his quest for a spot at the Summer Olympics 2024 in Paris, posting a total score of 14.200 in the horizontal bar final at the International Gymnastics Federation's World Cup in Baku on March 11.

Partnership Prevails Through Pandemic: Taiwan-France Forum Redefines Higher Education and Language Learning

Day Two of the 2024 Taiwan-France Higher Education Leaders Forum focused on the pivotal role of universities in advancing Chinese and French languages globally.

Insights from the 2024 Taiwan-France Higher Education Leaders Forum

Leaders from institutions of higher education from France and Taiwan share insights on successful research collaborations and talent development strategies at the 2024 Taiwan-France Higher Education Leaders Forum.