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A Cross-Country Comparison of the Moral Thinking and Communication Competencies of Young Generations

The young generation is often labeled as the "strawberry" or "mommy" generation, as if they have low stress tolerance and are unable to be financially independent. However, these digital natives, nourished by the Internet world and emerging technologies, are sometimes highly concerned about social issues as an expression of their diversity and creativity.

Look at Me!The application of facial recognition technology in science education

With the rapid development of facial recognition technology, the relationship between chang-es in our facial expressions and science learning is gradually being revealed and proven. Utilizing a facial expression analysis software (FaceReader) from the Netherlands, Distinguished Professor Mei-Hung Chiu of the Graduate Institute of Science Education at National Taiwan Normal Uni-versity and her collaborators have attempted to analyze the facial expressions high school and uni-versity students show as they undergo conceptual change during science learning. The exploration will allow teachers to provide timely adjustments to their instructional approach to better suit stu-dents’ needs.

2023 OIA Chinese New Year Party for International Students

Lunar New Year is the most important time for a family reunion to the Chinese people. In order to let overseas students further understand the cultural customs of Chinese New Year and experience the local culture, the Office of International Affairs of NTNU in collaboration with the International Youth Service Team, held a Chinese New Year Party for International Students on December 7th. A series of Spring Festival activities were designed to create an atmosphere as dinner at new year's eve with the form of large table dishes. Although these overseas students are away from home, they can feel the lively atmosphere and enjoy a good time with each other’s company.

OIA Christmas Tree DIY Event for All Students for Cultural Exchange

Christmas is around the corner. In order to connect international students and foster cultural exchanges, the Office of International Affairs of NTNU hosted Christmas tree making activities on December 13 and 14. Over 100 teachers and students enrolled for the DIY event and the campus is full of Christmas elements and festive atmosphere.

First Overseas Recruitment of NTU System After the Pandemic

National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University, and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology are top universities in Taiwan as comprehensive, educational, and technical vocational universities respectively. In March 2016, the Ministry of Education approved the establishment of“National Taiwan University System”as an alliance in order to integrate, share resources, strengthen teaching and research, expand services to the society with the goal to become the world's top university system.