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San Diego, CA school district to work with NTNU on Chinese instruction

A memorandum of cooperation signed between NTNU and the San Diego Unified School District will bring eager students from California together with expert teachers from Taiwan for Chinese language studies.

5 Professors Won NTNU Teaching Excellence Award

This is the first year of the NTNU Teaching Excellence Award, which aims to recognize and reward the effort and achievements of excellent teachers. The act was passed in 2008 and the selection process also begun in the same year. 5 professors, including Associate Professor Huang Jing-Hui from the Department of Adult and Continuing Education, Professor Li Jing-Mei from the Department of Health Education, Professor Chang Ming-Hui form the Department of Education, Professor Huang Fu-Kun from the Department of Physics, and Professor Li Chung-Mo from the Department of Computing Science and Information Engineering.

Zhou Mei-Qing Sent Love with Donated Computers to Countrysides

On May 12th, First Lady Zhou Mei-Qing went to the mountain areas of Yilan to give the children laptop computers, which were donated by NTNU and Compal Electronics aiming to decrease the digital gap between urban and rural areas. 100 laptops were sent to 35 elementary schools located in remote districts, and a donation press conference was called in Siji Elementary School, Yilan County. Besides handing out three nicely packed laptops to students, Zhou also demonstrated how to use online learning via a platform established by Council of Cultural Affairs.

Arty NIAG Treated Guests with Music

National Intercollegiate Athletic Game 2009 (NIAG) opened with a festive feel. The hosting university NTNU programmed several performances, aiming to turn the NIAG an athletic game in daytime and a musical feast at night.

To Prepare NIAG, GWA Trained in China Airline

On April 25th, more than 50 NTNU Good Will Ambassadors (GWA) went to the SongShan Training Institute of China Airline to train for service and deportment as part of the preparation for National Intercollegiate Athletic Games (NIAG).
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