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Opening Concert of NTNU Music Festival: Rain and Passion

NTNU Music Festival had its opening concert in the evening of April 17th in the plaza in front of College of Music. Though it was raining cats and dogs, the jollification and the quality of students’ performance still attracted a huge number of audience.

Disclosure of Historical Materials on 46 Incident

To commemorate the NTNU-NTU 46 Incident 60 years ago, the fist white terror event on campus, NTNU retired professor Wen Zen-Hua, jointly invited by the Department of History and the Graduate Institute of Taiwan History, brought the precious investigation materials to public on the incident on April 4th. With materials including letters from families of the victims to NTNU professors, a list of expelled students, etc., Wen wished current students could look back on the humane spirits these alumnus were fighting for. There will be two more speeches on 46 Incident during the week.

Neurologist Hong Lan Lectured on Brain Functions and Learning Strategies

On March 31st, the first session of the Learn to Grow series, the Center of Teaching and Learning Development invited Hong Lan, Director of the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, National Central University to talk about brain functions and learning strategies for college students. She reminded NTNU students that morning is the prime time for mind activities while the evening low, and that students who were used to stay up should value sleep more. Another key point to the brain was to “use it, or lose it”. Extensive reading of all kinds of knowledge would benefit students greatly.

Review to Final Competition of UBA Women’s Basketball Game

Review to Final Competition of UBA Women’s Basketball Game......

New University and Industry Liaison System

March 12th, General Manager Lin Huo-Qing of POP Three Dimensional Picture Co. Ltd. visited NTNU, and signed a cooperation agreement with Hong Rong-Zhao, Director of the Office of Research and Development. Departments such of geography, design, and graphic arts and communication were also involved in discussing the details of this agreement. POP Three Dimensional Picture’s main products are 3D pictures. Hopefully, through this new university and industry liaison system, they’ll be able to develop products with higher quality and lower cost and take them into the world market.
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