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Aboriginal Language Certification Exams Results Published

2nd aboriginal language certification exams results published!

Graduate Institute of Hospitality Management and Education Opens

The Graduate Institute of Hospitality Management and Education with the only doctorate program in the nation was established at the Chin-pu Building on the main campus today.

NTNU and NSPO Rely on Each Other

Future National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) students will have opportunities to learn space related knowledge on the campus, as a new space program will be established and a new agreement was signed by NTNU and the National Space Organization (NSPO) at NTNU this morning.

NTNU's Professional Analysis and Research Help Sichuan People Avoid Potential Landslides and Floods

Department of Geography delivered its warning to Chinese authorities today that potential landslides and floods which were created by the major shock in Sichuan may kill some more victims in those devastated areas.