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The Discovery of Diluted Magnetic Material from Prof. Liu Yi Hsin Published on International Journal

Wireless communication technology is regarded as the emerging, focus of the future encryption communication technology roadmap, attracting countries to invest in the research and development of quantum materials. After five years of research and experiments, the lab of Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry Liu Yi Hsin proposed to use organic-inorganic semiconductor materials to introduce manganese ions through solvothermal method to synthesize atomic-level two-dimensional single-layer semiconductors, which at room temperature, can demonstrate strong Giant Zeeman splitting and zero-field splitting at extremely low temperatures.

The first article of ‘‘AI Medical Scientists” analyzed the related comorbidities of ALS

Background and purpose: It is helpful to study the causes of diseases by discussing their cormorbidities. The cause of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a deadly disease, remains unknown. The study used a medical database to explore the diseases associated with ALS.

Nobel Laureate Dr. Queloz Speaks to NTNU about Exoplanet

The Center of Astronomy and Gravitation, established earlier this year, gathering a group of researchers in different background of earth science, physics, and mathematics. On May 25th, the center invited Nobel Laureate Dr. Didier Queloz to give a virtual speech about the exoplanet revolution. He introduced the audience with the challenges and recent progresses in this new field of research and will touch upon the emergence of a new paradigm for the origins of life on Earth.

NTNU Teams up with NTUH for Finding Out Alzheimer’s Disease with Blood-testing Technique

With the coming of aging society, the number of patients suffering from dementia is increasing, accounting for 8% of the elderly population, nearly 300,000. It is a heavy burden on family and social medical care. In the past, the Alzheimer's disease was often diagnosed by NMR. The Institute of Electro and Optical Engineering of National Taiwan Normal University work with the Department of Neurology of National Taiwan University Hospital for the ImmunoMagnetic Reduction (IMR) Assay.

New Anti-cancer Organic Compounds for a More Eco friendly Organic Chemistry

The research of two PhD students Sundaramoorthi Sarathkumar and Veerababurao Kavala at the Department of Chemistry was published as the cover of the latest journal Organic Letters issued by American Chemical Society.