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Deepening Taiwan-US International Exchange and Cooperation in American Higher Education Forum

Taiwan Normal University held the Higher Education Internationalization Forum on March 21st. In the session "Internationalization and Academic Exchange in American Higher Education," Roger Brindley, Vice Provost of Pennsylvania State University, Sonia Feigenbaum, the Senior Vice Provost of the University of Texas at Austin, and Randall Nadeau, the Executive Director of the Fulbright Program, gathered to share their experiences and cooperation strategies in international higher education exchange.

NTNU’s College of Science and College of Technology & Engineering Sign Master Double Degree Agreement with Kyushu University

Following the visit of a National Taiwan Normal University delegation led by President Cheng-Chih Wu to Kyushu University in Japan last January, the two universities’ sisterhood deepens as they signed a Master's Double Degree Agreement on 7 March. The agreement enables NTNU's Master students from the College of Science and the College of Technology & Engineering to apply to study at Kyushu University for one semester (about five months), taking interdisciplinary science and engineering courses worth 20 credits. Upon completion of the NTNU Master's Program, thesis students will be granted Master’s degrees from both universities. The double-degree program is expected to have five open positions each year.

Friday Coffee Corner is a place where you can’t resist yourself to speak your second language.

On February 24th, the Friday Coffee Corner (FCC) opening day, with almost 50 Students plus faculty members from different Colleges and the Mandarin Training Center(MTC) show up, a lounge vibe of gathering and served with eye-catching pastry and coffee.

Fun Learning Contexts are Key to Mixed-reality Location-based Game Design

Context-aware location-based games are able to integrate learners into mixed reality situations and increase the sense of presence in local culture learning, which make learning joyful and allow learners to be presented in the real local cultural environments. For the past several years, our research team has conducted in-depth studies on the crucial elements of context-aware location-based game learning, the game mechanism, and the individual characteristics of learners' presence and perception. We have confirmed the relationships between these individual characteristics and the effectiveness of location-based game learning. However, no previous research has addressed the issue of how to design and develop a fun and effective adaptive game.

NTNU Forum on Internationalization of Higher Education

National Taiwan Normal University has invited vice presidents and provosts of international affairs and academic administrators from four top universities in the United States, Europe, and Asia as well as representatives of foreign institutions stationed in Taiwan to share strategies for internationalization. The two-day forum will explore the current status and trends of internationalization and international cooperation in higher education among various countries, exploring topics such as international strategic partnerships, international academic exchanges, global virtual exchange, global alumni relations, international student recruitment, transnational education and internships, English as a medium of instruction, and overseas Mandarin teaching.