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International Students Experience the Allure of Traditional Chinese Theatre

To encourage greater participation and awareness of cultural exchanges and traditions, the Office of International Affairs at National Taiwan Normal University invited performance troupe members Huang Ruo-Lin and Shi Hong-Jun of Contemporary Legend Theatre to demonstrate the forms and attitudes of classic roles in Beijing Opera, likening the opera’s numerous stylized gestures to present-day virtual reality simulations with a hundred years head start! Students from Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Cambodia and other countries also enjoyed the charm of this traditional form of drama.

NTNU Students Awarded as Runners up of Overseas Compatriot Students Translation Competition

The 2021-2022 Overseas Compatriot Students Translation Competition Awards Ceremony was held on March 11th. After writing test, oral test and final competition, Caroline Chandrawijaya, freshman of College of Education and Sinh Tu Ngoc, a sophomore of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language are the runner up in Indonesian and Vietnamese group. Vice President Roy Lu of Overseas Chinese Affairs Council gave the awards to the winners. He encourages compatriot students to dream big, show their talents, and let employers know the strength of overseas Chinese students' bilingual advantages.

Establishment of NTNU Online Welcomes Students Around the World

The pandemic has caused isolation in the society while technology has brought people connection and new possibilities. NTNU Online was officially started on February 25th. The hybrid mode of an online and offline courses is the new norm in education field. To create a better learning environment, NTNU established three digital on-the-job master programs to welcome students all over the world.

Does it matter if you regret it? Using negative experience to open the door to the future

From childhood, we were taught to strive for a life without regrets, but in reality, things often go against our wishes. Since regret is a common feeling, what is the thing we regret most in life? According to Western studies, the most regretful thing is, surprisingly, education, ranking much higher than career, love, upbringing, and security (Streep & Bernstein, 2015). Fries et al. (2005) also found that regardless of whether they had clear academic goals or not, as many as 90% of students reported experiencing confusion and conflict over course selection, which had a profound impact on their cognitive experiences and academic emotion.

Health Center's Statement on Cases # 20390 and 20396

According to the announcement at the CECC press conference on February 25, imported COVID case #20390 dined at the Second Floor Cafe Shida Branch on February 21 (Monday) from 13:27-16:00; case #20396 attended an extension course at NTNU on February 19 (Saturday) from 09:00-12:00. Neither was an NTNUer.