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Center for Academic Literacy at NTNU Opened for Future Bilingual University

National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) has been selected to be one of the landmark bilingual universities for the Program of Bilingual Education for Students in College (the BEST Program). In pursuance of the Bilingual Nation policy, NTNU established the Center for Academic Literacy (CAL) in academic year 2021 in order to develop the English academic literacy of the undergraduate and graduate students at NTNU and train bilingual professionals in academic writing and speaking with the aim of improving the competitiveness as a higher education establishment.

International Students Teach English at Rural Elementary School

In response to the bilingual policy by the government, National Taiwan Normal University cooperated with the Education Department of New Taipei City Government to open a Bilingual Local Cultural Immersion Workshop in the first semester of the 2021 academic year. NTNU is responsible for the training and recruitment of international students. A total of 18 international students from United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and Finland participated the workshop and the Education Department invites elementary schools who are willing to participate.

Deciphering the Morse code of communication between butterflies and ants

It has long been known that there is a close symbiotic relationship between silverline butterflies and ants. The larvae of the silverline butterfly have honey (nectar) glands and other ant-loving (myrmecophily) organs that attract ants and increase their survival rate by being cared for by ants. The larvae secrete honeydew for the ants to feed on. It is interesting though that the pupa does not have ant-loving organs to attract ants. This phenomenon has caused scientists to wonder if there are other mechanisms by which small gray butterflies attract ants. One of the answers is the inaudible sound vibration signal, which was published in an international journal on December 6, 2019 (Scientific Reports).

2021 Asia-Pacific Association for Teacher Education Annual Conference held Online

The 2021 Asia-Pacific Association for Teacher Education Annual Conference, organized by Taiwan Education Alliance and Asia Pacific Association for Teacher Education, was held online on November 26 and 27 under the topic of Shaping Future Teachers for Global Education Changes. The discussion is on policy formulation and educational research in different countries. Scholars and panelist are from 13 countries and over a thousand participants joined the online conference, which shows the concern of educators from all over the world.

Online Forum by NTNU and Kyushu University Advances Bilateral Collaboration

In light of the abundant achievements of Kyushu University in academic research and industry-academia cooperation in recent years, and for the sake of continuing to deepen the academic cooperation and exchanges between the two universities, NTNU held an online joint forum with Kyushu University on December 3 of this year. Besides the theme of sustainable development which structured the forum, results of research collaborations by the two universities were also presented along with group discussions in various fields such as science, online education, mathematics for industry. The online forum served to expand the research capabilities of both universities as well as promote and advance their relationship of bilateral collaboration.