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A Master Class by Violinist Kloss

Violinist Sherry Kloss, successor of internationally renowned violinist Heifetz and his violin, was invited by Chen Qin-Hong from the Department of Music, NTNU to have a master class on the 14th of April. Kloss encouraged students who were aspired to be a teacher to develop the potential of their students. “If you can do more than one thing, then go for it,” remarked Kloss. She had a musically gifted student who ended up going into the field of physics and architecture. It is her responsibility as a teacher, she said, to let her students explore the world of music care- and pressure- free.

NTNU Became Crowned King and Queen of Volleyball

Followed by the good news from the men’s basketball team of NTNU, the men and women volley ball team defeated the Taipei Physical Education College this March, and won the championship of UVL University Cup for the second year in a roll. The training process for the men’s team went swimmingly, remarked the coach Chang En-Chong. As for the women’s team, he continued, it was more difficult because the team had undergone some restructuring, leaving players with less experience and less positive mindset. However, the two teams showed great sense of unity, a key factor to their winning.

A Secret Study Group for Faculties

As part of the Psychological Health Promotion Series, the Center of Student Counselling established a secret study group for school faculties entitled Wishes Come True. The first session was held on the 8th of April in classroom 313. It encouraged teachers to talk about their secrets, and develop their potential and change their lives through the Law of Attraction. This study group session was especially tailored for faculties of NTNU. It is based on a popular publication in 2007, the Secret, which talked about the power of positivism. There will be two other session on April 15th and 22nd.

Education Night—Sailing of the Pirate Ship

On April 10th, a grand flag-dance and an enthusiastic cheerleading show opened the 2009 Education Night. Tang Guang-Ding, Chairman of the Department of Education, tried his hand at singing and sang On the Golden Beach, symbolizing the sailing of this educational pirate ship. Immediately after the chairman’s performance followed a variety of short plays, singing and dancing performances, fully exhibiting the energy and talents of education major students. The exciting programme of the night attracted a record-breaking number of audience composed of people from both inside and outside NTNU.

Book Club: Face Up by Xiao-Ye and Li Ya

An overseas text message opened the conversations between a father and his daughter, Xiao-Ye and Li Ya, two brilliant Taiwanese writers. Their overseas communications were collected and published, entitled Face Up. On April 9th, NTNU invited them to talk about children upbringing, sharing with students their different viewpoint from 2 different generations. Xiao-Ye’s father had a strict education manner. Consequently, perhaps, he gave his daughter Li Ya much more freedom, tolerance and room for exploration than he had. “Love has no absolute rights,” they concluded. With the father’s memories in the book, the daughter strides into her future.