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University of Wisconsin System Visits NTNU, Seeks Teacher Education Talent

Dr. Johannes Britz, University of Wisconsin System’s Interim Senior Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs, and Dr. Tracy Davidson, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, visited National Taiwan Normal University on October 11th. They were received by NTNU Executive Vice President Frank Ying, Vice President for International Affairs Yi-De Liu, and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Yeu-Ting Liu. A potential collaboration between the teacher education programs of the University of Wisconsin System and NTNU was a main topic of discussion.

Teens addicted to their phones and the internet during the COVID-19 outbreak

Smartphones and the popularization of the internet have allowed teenagers to rapidly expand their spheres of life, scope of recreational activities, and interpersonal relationships. The internet can also be utilized to create a ubiquitous learning environment to increase performance and competitiveness. The COVID-19 outbreak has further integrated phones and the internet into every aspect of teenagers’ lives. It has been observed, however, that during the pandemic, many Taiwanese teenagers have become addicted to their phones and the internet, affecting their pace of life, negatively impacting academic performance, impeding interpersonal relationships, and, in severe cases, inducing health problems. So exactly how bad was the problem of Taiwanese teenagers’ internet addiction during the COVID-19 outbreak, and what caused them to become addicted to their phones and the internet?

Department of Technology Application and Human Resource Explores Future of Language Education during Japan Academic Exchange Visit

Tokyo, August 30, 2023 - During their Covid-delayed academic exchange visit to Japan's Kanto Region, students from National Taiwan Normal University's (NTNU) Department of Technology Application and Human Resource (TAHRD), led by Professors Chiou-Lan Chern, Yu-Liang Ting, and Tzymei Shih (Dr. A), embarked on a journey with three distinct purposes: An academic visit to Chiba University, a technology lesson exchange with students from The Second High School of Tokyo University of Agriculture, and pilot research aimed at understanding the evolving landscape of language education in the age of technology. This innovative research project seeks to explore the impact of technology on travel-related English, raising pivotal questions about the future of language learning.

National Taiwan Normal University's Center for Academic Literacy in English Inaugurates the New Academic Year with Professional Training for Tutors

The Center for Academic Literacy (CAL) at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) hosted a professional training event designed for tutors on September 12, marking the official commencement of the new academic year.

NTNU Visits Partners and Alumni, Signs Alliance in Indonesia

Indonesia is increasingly becoming a major country of origin for international students studying in Taiwan, taking second place in 2022 with 16,639 students from Indonesia. At National Taiwan Normal University, students from Indonesia rank fifth in number following Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Macau. Meanwhile, Indonesian students comprise the largest overseas group in NTNU doctoral programs. Thus, Indonesia is a key recruitment source for NTNU. On 11-15 August, President Cheng-Chih Wu led a delegation consisting of members from the Office of International Affairs, Department of Chinese as a Second Language, College of Education, and Office of Research and Development to Jakarta and Bandung. Their itinerary included attending the Taiwan Higher Education Fair in Indonesia, signing a cooperation agreement with an International High School Alliance, and visiting Indonesia University of Education as well as local NTNU alumni.