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NTNU and Japanese Scholars Co-organize Emerging Technology Workshops

Department of Technology Application and Human Resource Development and office of International Affairs from National Taiwan Normal University (henceforth referred to as the Dept. of TAHRD) conducted a Virtual Worlds teaching workshop on February 4, 2023 in cooperation with Prof. Irina Kuznetcova from Akita University, Japan. The workshop was organized by Yi-Yao Hsu, a senior from the Dept. of TAHRD, and assistant, Chia-Ju Chou, and was a continuation of the ICT workshop previously held by the Dept. of TAHRD for the School of Teacher Education. In this 5-hour workshop, participants learned practical applications of Unity, a game development engine along with the theoretical foundations of integrating virtual worlds created in Unity in teaching. Participants were tasked with designing a lesson plan integrating pedagogical theories and technology. Yi-Yao Hsu and Prof. Kuznetcova noted that the workshop was quite challenging because most of the participants had no experience with Unity.

Fun Learning Contexts are Key to Mixed-reality Location-based Game Design

Context-aware location-based games are able to integrate learners into mixed reality situations and increase the sense of presence in local culture learning, which make learning joyful and allow learners to be presented in the real local cultural environments. For the past several years, our research team has conducted in-depth studies on the crucial elements of context-aware location-based game learning, the game mechanism, and the individual characteristics of learners' presence and perception. We have confirmed the relationships between these individual characteristics and the effectiveness of location-based game learning. However, no previous research has addressed the issue of how to design and develop a fun and effective adaptive game.

NTNU Ranked 9th in Best Global Universities for Education and Educational Research

In a recent evaluation released by the U.S. News & World Report of the best global universities, National Taiwan Normal University is ranked 9th in Best Global Universities for Education and Educational Research. Its place alongside Harvard and Stanford among the top ten in the world also raises the international profile of Taiwan’s research ability.

NTNU, Nvidia, and GIGABYTE Collaborate to Launch Taiwan’s First Metaverse Lab

National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) has partnered with Nvidia and GIGABYTE to establish Taiwan's first NVIDIA Studio x GIGABYTE Collaboration Space. This cutting-edge facility aims to immerse students in the latest digital creative technologies, offering high-performance computers, green screens, optical motion capture cameras, and virtual reality dynamic real-time tracking visual preview systems. The collaboration provides a comprehensive learning environment for aspiring metaverse and virtual reality creators.

A Cross-Country Comparison of the Moral Thinking and Communication Competencies of Young Generations

The young generation is often labeled as the "strawberry" or "mommy" generation, as if they have low stress tolerance and are unable to be financially independent. However, these digital natives, nourished by the Internet world and emerging technologies, are sometimes highly concerned about social issues as an expression of their diversity and creativity.