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NTNU and TSMC Team Up to Build Taiwan's Semiconductor Workforce

TSMC has partnered with the NTNU College of Technology and Engineering to launch a Semiconductor certificate curriculum this semester that integrates relevant coursework with practical industry experience, fostering the development of skilled professionals for Taiwan's semiconductor sector.

Nano-Scale Ferroelectric Discovery Paves the Way for Next-Gen Semi-Conductor Technologies

A research team led by Professors Yann-Wen Lan and Ting-Hua Lu from the NTNU Department of Physics has achieved a significant breakthrough in the realm of ferroelectric materials with the development of a ferroelectric crystal based on the two-dimensional material molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) with a thickness of merely 1.3 nanometers.

A Revolutionary Discovery for Solar Cells

In the pursuit of cleaner energy, solar cells are expected to be widely applied in various fields; however, current solar cells are limited in their development due to the low conversion efficiency of light to electricity. To enhance the material's absorption of light, the research team altered the characteristics of light by utilizing twisted light. Photons of twisted light carry an orbital angular momentum. Additional orbital angular momentum is expected to induce more carrier transitions within the material, thereby increasing the material's light absorption and its photogenerated carrier concentration, elevating its potential for application in solar cells. The highlight of this experiment lies in using twisted light to enhance the light absorption of novel 2D material molybdenum disulfide. As the orbital angular momentum of light increments, the concentration of photo-induced carriers rises as well. Consequently, the larger photovoltaic effect in solar cells is enhanced. Based on the results of this experiment, twisted light has shown its potential to become a new approach to enhancing the efficiency of solar cells.

Research on Carbazole Synthesis Lands Cover on Major Scientific Journal

Research on “Iodine-Catalyzed Regioselective Synthesis of Diphenyl-Substituted Carbazoles via [4 + 2] Annulation of β-Formyl Ketones with Indoles,” by a team led by Professor Ching-Fa Yao graced the cover of the December 15, 2023 issue of The Journal of Organic Chemistry.

Cultivating Comprehensive Education and Broad Scope of Career Options

1111 Job Bank has launched an online "2024 University Admissions Guide" in January, tailored to address the challenges posed by a declining birthrate and offering strategies for universities to distinguish themselves. A highlight of the guide is the "Elite Universities" section, where NTNU is celebrated as a leader in interdisciplinary education, offering students unparalleled career opportunities.