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One material with two functions could lead to faster memory

Researchers from National Taiwan Normal University and Kyushu University have developed a new light-emitting memory device by integrating a resistive random-access memory with a light-emitting electrochemical cell that are both based on perovskite. The results are promising for faster data storage and reading in future electronic devices and open a new avenue of applications for perovskite optoelectronics.

Association of hearing loss with dementia

In this study, HL was positively associated with dementia occurrence, especially in patients aged 45-64 years. Therefore, early hearing care, screening, and hearing aid use could be strategies to reduce dementia incidence.

Transformers in The Porous Materials Field: Extremely Fast Lattice Rearrangement of the MOF Structures

In this work, we present a case system that can achieve rapid structural rearrangement of the whole lattice of a metal–organic framework (MOF) through a ‘domino’ alteration of the bond connectivity under mild conditions. Topological transitions between significantly different phases typically require extreme conditions to collectively break chemical bonds and overcome the stress caused to the original structure by altering its correlated bond environment. Our system transforms from a disordered and less crystalline MOF with low porosity to a highly crystalline and porous isomer within few minutes upon activation (solvent exchange and desorption), resulting in a significant increase in surface area, from 725 to 2,749 m2/g. Spectroscopic measurements show that this counter-intuitive lattice rearrangement involves a metastable intermediate with defect frameworks that results from solvent removal on coordinately unsaturated metal sites. This less crystalline–crystalline switch between two topological distinct MOFs is shown to be reversible over four cycles through activation and re-immersion in polar solvents. The aim of this study was to investigate the partial defects in real MOF crystalline structures and to focus on defect-induced MOF properties, which are expected to enhance and develop the physical, mechanical, electronic and optical material properties and chemical activities of MOF materials. This research adopted an exploratory experimental procedure that facilitated the synthesis of highly porous MOFs, which were previously not easy to synthesize, and functional applications for defective and highly porous MOFs were further developed.

The NTNU CIR Lab : Moving Robots from Self-Moving to Self-Learning

The wave of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has brought new elements to robotics. The National Taiwan Normal University Computational Intelligence and Robotics (NTNU CIR) Lab is using advanced AI design and application frameworks to move robots from merely automatic, to new horizons in self-learning.

NTNU Team Finding Out that Green Tea Polyphenol Catechins Inhibit Coronavirus Replication Published on Antioxidants

The research team of the Founding Deam of the School of Life Science Chien Chiang Ting published recent results and discovered the research of the virus activity. Polyphenol catechins extracted from green tea can inhibit virus replication, strengthen the immune mechanism and improve various acute lung destruction. It can be used as a tool to prevent the spread of the virus and can effectively reduce the symptoms disease. The paper was published on journal Antioxidants in July.