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Fifteen NTNU Art Professors Share the Beauty of Their Work with Passengers

A total of 18 paintings by 15 National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) art professors will be exhibited at the boarding room of the Sungshan Airport until Oct. 23.

Sweet Onions Get Straight to Your Heart

An art piece of three-dimension animation became the center of discussions during the presentation by the Graduate Institute of Design’s Class of 2008 at the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) Gallery today.

Formosan Landlocked Salmon Presented as 125 Masterpieces at Exhibition

Formosan Landlocked Salmon, the endangered species of the nation, became the feature for artists again as 95 arts workers in different fields came up with their masterpieces in different formats during the exhibition at the Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall, which began today until May 30.
共 18 筆