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English Teaching & Learning Celebrating its 40th Birthday

Founded in 1976, English Teaching & Learning is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2016. Editors of this journal held a seminar of ETL 40-year publication on the 23rd of April to look back to the past and welcome the next endeavor. Nearly 100 participants came to this event, such as graduate students, publishers, and scholars interested in this journal.

International Symposium on Advancement In NTNU

International Symposium on Advancement of 21st Century Competencies in East Asian Education Systems was held in NTNU on April 23rd. K-12 Education Administration and NTNU are organizers. In the 21st century, we are having drastic changes of politics, economics, society and culture. It’s time to think what key requirements future citizens need that can prepare them for a challenging future.

Disclosing Six Arts Lecture

The result sharing forum of the second year Six Arts Lectures was held on the 10th of December. Chen Chao-Chen, the Dean of Academic Affairs was the host and Prof. John Morrow, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Auckland (UoA) and Dr. Li Wang from Learning Support Servs Manager of UoA were invited as guest speakers.

Imagine for Education! A Conference that Gathers Scholars

The International conference on educational imaginary: Evaluation and Innovation was held by the Department of Education, NTNU, National Academy for Educational Research and The Chinese Society of Education and many other associations on November 20th and 21st at Education Building. In this conference, many important figures came and exchanged their opinions with others. Excellent papers were published, this was a really meaningful event for the academic education field.

NTNU holds Conference on Sinophone Writers

The 2015 International Conference on Sinophone Writers was had a grand opening at the National Central Library from 28 to 29 November 2015. The host Global Chinese Writing Center, NTNU invited 33 scholars and writers in Taiwan and abroad to share their experience in creating and reading in 7 sessions of this conference, which draw a warm welcome from the audience.