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International Students Teach English at Rural Elementary School

In response to the bilingual policy by the government, National Taiwan Normal University cooperated with the Education Department of New Taipei City Government to open a Bilingual Local Cultural Immersion Workshop in the first semester of the 2021 academic year. NTNU is responsible for the training and recruitment of international students. A total of 18 international students from United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and Finland participated the workshop and the Education Department invites elementary schools who are willing to participate.

Let’s Flip! Global Village Eng the Class: Activity II ‘Classroom Activity' The Sky’s the Limit

To facilitate the interaction between local and international students in NTNU, the Office of International Affairs, Foreign Language Division of Common Core Education Committee, and Mandarin Training Center (MTC) have coordinated two major activities for .

Field Trip in Okinawa by NTNU and Meio University

On September 1st to 7th, the Graduate Institute of Sport, Leisure and Hospitality Management of NTNU and Meio University held an international field trip together. Associate Prof. Lin Po Hsiu led 21 students to Meio University in Okinawa and met 6 teachers and 17 students from the Department of Health Information Management. Chairman of FC Ryukyu also me the team from NTNU.

International Cultural Day at Linkou Campus

The International Cultural Day can be dated back to the school anniversary event. Many alumni would come back to visit their teachers and friends. Director of Overseas Students Preliminaries Hong Ren Jin hosted the opening ceremony. President Liu Hsiang Lin from the Office of International Affairs and Principal of National Overseas Chinese Senior High School were invited to the event. Local citizens came and learned about the activities in different cultures. More than 250 alumni returned and it was a memorable scene.

Oversea Internship to Internationalization

In recent years, the ranking of NTNU has been rising in The Times Higher Education World University Rankings and QS University Rankings. It's our priority to raise students in an International environment. The Office of Teacher Education and Career Service has sent 101 students abroad for their internship in 2017. 41 of them are pre-service teachers that went to educational institutes and 36 of them attended business internships. In addition, 24 students were sent to institutes in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malasia in responding to the New Southbond Policy.
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