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College of Liberal Arts Signed MOU with Auckland University of Technology

Dean of College of Liberal Arts Chern Chiou Lan, Prof. Chang Su Bing from the Graduate Institute of Taiwan History, Associate Professor Joy Wu from English Department, Associate Professor Lin Hsin Yi from History Department visited New Zealand in February for a cooperation with institutes of indigenous studies and the agreement signing with Auckland University of Technology.

Students of the Department of Special Education visited UT-Austin

The Department of Social Education of NTNU and Texas University at Austin have been closely connecting in recent years. Prof. Chiu Chun Yu lead a team of students for an oversea visit to Department of Special Education, UT-Austin, Texas Center for Disability Studies and Texas transitions conference.

Practicum in Vietnam for International Mobility

NTNU, funded by the Ministry of Education, sent five practice teachers to Taipei School in Ho Chi Minh City for two months, in an oversea practicum project managed by Prof. Chern Chiou Lan and Prof. Cheng Yuh Show. Four of them are from the English Department and one of them is from the Department of Life Science.

Practicum in Indonesia, A New Experience for Pre-service Teachers

To encourage our pre-service teachers to go to different places and to see the world, Prof. Jamie Chang from the College of Teacher Education initiated a program of practicum at Jakarta Taipei School, with the support of the Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service. The practicum took place in two places, 4 months in Taiwan and 2 months abroad.

2018 International Symposium on Literature and Environment in East Asia at NTNU

The 6th International Symposium on Literature and Environment in East Asia was held on October 20, 21 in the NTNU. The symposium is organized by the English Department of NTNU, ASLE Taiwan and the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. Representatives from Kanazawa University, Osaka University, Nihon University, University of the Ryukyus, Korea University, Sungkyunkwan University, Dongguk University and Soongsil University all came to the meeting.