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Education Night—Sailing of the Pirate Ship

On April 10th, a grand flag-dance and an enthusiastic cheerleading show opened the 2009 Education Night. Tang Guang-Ding, Chairman of the Department of Education, tried his hand at singing and sang On the Golden Beach, symbolizing the sailing of this educational pirate ship. Immediately after the chairman’s performance followed a variety of short plays, singing and dancing performances, fully exhibiting the energy and talents of education major students. The exciting programme of the night attracted a record-breaking number of audience composed of people from both inside and outside NTNU.

Installations by Art Majors Brought Different Temperatures to Campus

Based on the concept of temperatures, NTNU art majors created installation works of large scale and placed them in different corners of the campus.

Sale of Specialities of KaoHsiung and PingTung at Gongguan campus

You don’t have need to spend time and money on the trip to south Taiwan for those famous specialities, you can buy sweet guava and delicious cookies at Kungkuan campus next week.

Welcome to Taste Speciality of Taiwan Off-shore Counties

Specialities of Taiwan off-shore counties--Peanut Snack of Kinmen, Brown sugar cake and ice cream made from cactus of Penghu, welcome to taste these delicious refreshments on the carnival.

Student Association of NTNU visited NTOU

Student Association of NTNU was invited to visit National Taiwan Ocean University. The main purpose of this vist was to seek further cooperation.
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