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The Opening of Center of Astronomy and Gravitation at NTNU

Taiwan is astronomy talents and since the last academic year, NTNU has recruited several Yushan scholars to the Faculty of Science. A year later, the Center of Astronomy and Gravitation was established to develop cross-departmental research and attract talents in earth sciences, physics, and mathematics. the first director of the center Lin Feng Li, said that black hole research has attracted much attention in recent years. He hopes that through the establishment of the center, the domestic research gap can be bridged so that Taiwan will not be absent from international academic exchanges.

NTNU Works with C-LAB for Cross-disciplinary Program

The letter of intent between the National Taiwan Normal University and the operating unit of Taiwan Contemporary Culture Laboratory (C-LAB), Taiwan Living Arts Foundation. In the future, the two parties will combine software and hardware resources, share research, learning and production environments, and jointly promote the cooperation between different disciplinary of C-LAB and NTNU. The cooperation is a good example of art and cultural institutions and educational institutions to jointly create a cross-field learning program. National Taiwan Normal University will also launch a series of cooperation and exchanges of knowledge and technology with external institutions.

Impressed by Self-developed Day-pass System, Acer Visited NTNU

With the spreading of coronavirus, it is a global challenge to combat the virus. Director Cheng from our long-time partner, Acer AEB, visited Executive Vice President Greg Chung-Mou Lee in a group of five to discuss the Day-pass system, a project led by Vice President Lee. Since March 2020, NTNU has started using the system Day Pass for security concern. Visitors can scan the QR code at entrance for a one-day pass, when they get to their destination, they can check in at the unit visited as a record of campus footprint. The process is easy, quick, and paperless.

Full Semester of MTC Online for an unlimited Chinese Learning Environment

Campus around the world are closed due to the impact of COVID-19. Mandarin Training Center at NTNU now launches online courses for a full semester. Students and those who are interested in the beauty of Chinese words can learn at home without the limit of boundaries. MTC Online help overseas students and professionals realize the dream of “learning Chinese at home” through synchronous teaching platform and internet.

Number of Double Major and Minor in NTNU Increased Due to Change of System

In response to social development and the need for cross-disciplinary talents, National Taiwan Normal University encourages students to learn in different departments as double major and minor. The original audition system will be replaced by registration. The number of students as double major and minor increased significantly. It is expected that more than 50% of students will enroll in courses from different department by 2025. In addition, the National Taiwan University system is working on cross-university enrollment. Last year, a student from the Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature was admitted to the Department of Construction Engineering in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.