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Opening Ceremony of Yu Guang Zhong Exhibition

“Coming back to NTNU, I can’t say I am a guest that feels at home, because I am more like a host today and I want to welcome all of you here in NTNU.” Prestigious Writer Yu Guang Zhong, who is nearly 90, showed up at the Wen Hui Hall for the opening party for his exhibition and a book signing event. His fans filled up the whole space, hoping to see Professor Yu in person.

The Division of Preparatory Programs Held University Expo

The Division of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students held an international University Exposition on 8th December. As much as 95 colleges and universities are invited to set stalls at the Division of Preparatory Programs, making it the biggest University Expo ever.

International Poster Exhibition at Art Gallery of NTNU

As Taipei city becoming the World Design Capital in 2016, the government has been promoting the creativity spirit of Taipei. Taiwan Poster Design Association is the promoter, who held an exhibition that invited designers from many countries to design poster. From November 28th to December 3rd, the exhibition was held in the art gallery of NTNU.

Photo Exhibition by Chair Professor at the NTNU Department of Fine Arts: a Taste of the Beauty of Canada

Chair professor at the Department of Fine Arts Anna M. Kindler recently held a photo exhibition entitled “Canadianna” at the The-Chun Art Gallery. After living in Canada for a long time, Anna hopes to share the country’s beauty. By using simple photographic equipment, she transmits what she views as the essence of art as observed with the mind and the eyes.

Research Center for Conservation of Cultural Relics Holds Exhibition of Mr. Chen Cheng-Po at the Tokyo University of Arts

From September 12 to October 2, 2014 the present university’s Research Center for Conservation of Cultural Relics (RCCCR) will hold an art conservation exhibition at the Tokyo University of the Arts’ (Ueno campus) Masaki Memorial Gallery. This exhibition will present the research and accomplishments of the conservation treatment of thirty-six works by the famous Taiwanese artist, Chen Cheng-Po, a collaborative effort between the RCCCR and the Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate Department of Conservation, Conservation Course Oil Painting Laboratory.
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