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Experts from Asia Pacific Discussed about Inquiry Teaching and Learning in NTNU

With the adapting of the 2019 curriculum, the working group of promoting curriculum in regular high school and the Center for Educational Research the International co-organize the Symposium on Inquiry Teaching and Learning in High Schools: Approaches and Strategies. It was held at NTNU on October 25t and 26th. Experts coming from Australia, Thailand and Hong Kong came to share their experience and hope to come up with a solution that suits the teaching practice in Taiwan.

Taiwan-US Sports Science Forum held in NTNU

The Sports Academic Research Workshop and the Taiwan-US Sports Science Forum was held on October 19th. Professors and distinguished scholars from Taiwan and the United States gathered at the Gold Medal Lecture Hall to discuss sports. NTNU serves as the host, under the guidance of the Ministry of Science and Technology, invited five guests from National Academy of Kinesiology, including Chair Professor Hung Tsung Min from the Department of Physical Education.

Scholars Gather at International Learning Sciences Forum in NTNU

The International Learning Sciences Forum "International Trends for AI and Big Data in Learning Sciences” held by Institute for Research Excellence in Learning Science NTNU took place from July 11th to 13th. Renown scholars are invited to explore the latest research findings and future trends in artificial intelligence and big data learning in theoretical research in learning science, education practice and education industry. About 180 scholars attended this forum and discussed about the future development and trend of learning science. President Wu Cheng Chih, Chair Professor Tsai Chin Chung, who is also the Dean of College of Learning Science, Professor of Educational Psychology Janice Gobert from Rutgers University and Stephen J.H. Yang from National Central University attended the opening ceremony.

Asia Pacific Forum for Science Talented kicks off at NTNU on JUL 6 2019

The Fifth Asia Pacific Forum for Science Talented (APFST) will kick off this Saturday (July 6 2019) in National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). The six-day forum includes teacher forum featuring Infusing Leadership into Science Teaching, hands-on projects, and numerous cultural events. Each participating country or region sends a delegation of six students and two teachers or officials as group leaders.

2019 NTNU-Kyushu U Joint Forum on Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research and Education

The 2019 NTNU-Kyushu U Joint Forum on Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research and Education was held on May 28th by NTNU and Kyushu University. President Wu Cheng Chih, Vice President Frank Y-H Ying and faculties and students from College of Arts, College of Education, College of Science and College of Technology and Engineering attended the forum with President Chiharu Kubo and 42 members from Kyushu University.