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MOU between the Dept. of Technology and Tesla

Chairman Chang Yue Shan from the Department of Technology and Application and Human Resources Development said that in this competitive market, T-shaped person, which means someone that have the depth of related skills and expertise in a single field. The horizontal bar is the ability to collaborate across disciplines with experts in other areas and to apply knowledge in areas of expertise other than one's own. The Department of Technology and Application and Human Resources Development is home to many T-shaped talents.

Preparatory Courses for Foreign Students at DPP

As the trend of learning Mandarin has swept across the globe, the Division of Preparatory Programs has now take it to the next level so that more and more people can come to appreciate the beauty of Mandarin. Starting from October, with an aim to strengthen the cooperation with ASEAN countries, 4 weeks of preparatory course is available for foreign students, including the culture, travel vocabulary, food, songs and movies in Mandarin.

Masterclass at NTNU with World Class Soprano

World class soprano Jamie Barton will soon perform in Taichung. Chinn-Horng Nanette, Chair of Music Department, invited Jamie to come to NTNU and have a masterclass. Four students have the chance to go on stage and the masterclass is open to the public.

2017 Flying Geese Camp for New Academic Leaders

The annual Flying Geese Camp: Academic Leadership Development Program was held on September 22nd to help new academic leaders to be on track and lead the team. New academic leaders can know how administration is worked in NTNU in this two day program and they can know each other, learn from each other.

Russian Language Course at NTNU

Russia is one of the BRIC countries and one of the world's largest economies. About 250 million people speaks Russian and now you can learn it at NTNU. College of International Studies and Social Sciences, National Taiwan Normal University, opened Russian courses for the first time since the second semester of the 2016 academic year. In the following semester, an advanced course was opened on every Thursday by Assistant Prof. Kurovskaya from Samara branch of Moscow City Pedagogical University. All students are welcomed.
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