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Collaborating with U. of British Columbia on Academic Leadership Development

National Taiwan Normal University and the University of British Columbia have worked together for the program for academic leaders in higher education. The first event, the Flying Geese Camp: Academic Leadership Development Program has made its debut on September 23rd and 24th. This is the brand new event designed for new academic leaders.

Completion Ceremony of DPPOCS in 2016

In the class of 2016, there are students from 18 countries in The Division of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students and mostly are from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Myanmar and Indonesia. Some even come from South Africa and Brazil, with an increasing number of students from Vietnam. To give them a special, multi-cultural completion ceremony, the ceremony is held outdoors and there’s another one at night. President Chang Kuo En, Deputy Minister of Overseas Community Affairs Council Tien Chiu-chin, and the Section Chief of the Ministry of Education, Liu Su Miao all sent their greetings to the students who complete their studies.

The Concert of Celebration by Music Dept.

To celebrate the 70th birthday of NTNU, students, conductors, singers, orchestra and choir from the Graduate Institute of Popular Music and Music Department carried out a performance on June 3rd.

Alumni at the Luncheon for NTNU’s Birthday

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of National Taiwan Normal University, there’s a grand luncheon on the 4th of June. Faculties and alumni all gathered in the gymnasium, nearly 1000 people presented, enjoying their good time at NTNU.

Gao Xingjian Encourages Students to Pursue Free Spirit

The Master’s speech of 2016 invited Chair Professor Gao Xingjian to share with students his wisdom under the topic of “Being a Free Man”. His work, Soul Mountain, received the honorable Nobel Prize in Literature 2000, making Gao the first Chinese author that won the title of a Nobel laureate. The speech covers literature, history, social movement. Nearly 300 people show up and filled up the hall.