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AIT Cultural Affairs Officer Talks on Study Abroad and Culture Exchange in the USA

To increase the international mobility of students, the Center of General Education of NTNU invited Cultural Affairs Officer of AIT Luke Martin on a livestream talk with Vice President of International Affairs Liu Hsiang-Lin on the topic of Study Abroad and Culture Exchange in the USA.

2021 International Cultural Festival: Cultural Sharing LIVE Shows

Under the influence of the pandemic, the International Cultural Festival from March 16 to 18 this year was held online. It features a series of activities in which foreign students introduce the culture of their home country through live stream every day at noon.

Bilingual Education Workshop at NTNU, for a Bilingual Country by 2030

In order to achieve the goal of Taiwan becoming a bilingual country by 2030, countries and city governments have begun to plan and implement bilingual courses in all levels of education, establish bilingual experimental schools, improve our people’s English proficiency through bilingual education and cultivate bilingual professionals. To strengthen the training of bilingual teachers, the Colleague of Teacher Education invited Dr. Keith M. Graham plans a series of in-school bilingual teacher training activities and cultivates the skills of bilingual curriculum planning and practice for pre-service teachers

President Wu Presents Flag to MTC Dragon Boat Team

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the dragon boat races this year in Taiwan have been scaled down. The MTC Dragon boat is composed of students from across the world but many foreign students cannot come to Taiwan this year. To continue the 44-year tradition, experienced teammates shouldered the responsibility and picked up the paddles again. President Wu Cheng Chih presented the flag to the captain Howard Hok Gay Li and encouraged the teammates in their last practice.

Graduation Ceremony for class of 2020, greetings from Taiwan and Abroad

The graduation ceremony of class 2020 was held on June 13th for 4145 graduates Chair Professor, Nobel laureate Gao Xingjian who now lives in Paris and Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shih Chung recorded videos for graduates.