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Health Center's Statement on Cases # 20390 and 20396

According to the announcement at the CECC press conference on February 25, imported COVID case #20390 dined at the Second Floor Cafe Shida Branch on February 21 (Monday) from 13:27-16:00; case #20396 attended an extension course at NTNU on February 19 (Saturday) from 09:00-12:00. Neither was an NTNUer.

President Wu Cheng Chih Reappointed as the 14th President of NTNU

The Reappointment Ceremony of NTNU President Wu Cheng Chih was held on February 22nd. Political Deputy Minister of Education Mon-Chi Lio personally handed the Certificate of Appointment for the second term. In his remarks, he praised President Wu for a steady growth in universities’ business. NTNT has nurtured cross display talents, conducted prospective study with extraordinary results in world-known academic ratings like QS World University Rankings by Subject. He hopes that President Wu can continue to devote to higher education in Taiwan and educate talents.

Adjusted COVID Prevention Measures Starting Feb. 22, 2022

Access control will be enforced from 08:00 to 17:00 on working days (see table). Present a Day Pass, an NTU System School ID or a proof of business visit to enter campus.

NTNU seeks to improve students' spoken English through conversation rooms

National Taiwan Normal University’s (NTNU) Commission for General Education launched English conversation rooms in 2021 to help students improve their speaking ability through face-to-face conversations with English-speaking assistants.

If symptomatic, take a self test and seek medical treatment only after tested negative

In response to the recent rise in local cases, we would like to remind faculty, staff, and students that if you have symptoms such as fever, cough and shortness of breath, please take a COVID self test first and only seek medical treatment after you are tested negative. Also, pay attention if you have been to any public places visited by confirmed cases as announced by the CDC and local governments. If you have suspected symptoms, take a self test and seek medical treatment after tested negative. If you receive a cell broadcast SMS message from the health authorities, follow the instructions and report it to the school.