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New Access for Foreign Exchange Students to Join NTNU

BY AN-LIN SUN When speaking of foreign exchange students in NTNU, the first impression in mind may be the Mandarin Training Center, which prepares these students an array of Mandarin learning courses. Other than classroom curriculum, learning tour, or reunion party, what else can NTNU provide for these foreign students to take part in the school activities opening to all students at NTNU? Do they have adequate information and access to get in touch and communicate with Chinese students?

International Cultural English Camp--Introduction Ceremony

The introduction ceremony of the 2007 “International Cultural English Camp” was held at NTNU this morning, and there were 90 attendants in total. The majority of the attendants are undergraduate students from different colleges in Taiwan, and the others are from Korea, Thailand, Macau and New Zealand. In the speech delivered in the ceremony, Prof. Kun-Liang Chuang, Dean of the English Department, NTNU, congratulated the attendants because the camp is a great place for young people to practice their English, make friends, have some inkling of different cultures, and broaden international horizons.

Enterprises, Government and Schools Cooperate to Start Digital Content Talents Cultivation Plan

As an important industry in “Challenge 2008: National Development Plan”, digital content industry still lacks of talents seriously. The Association of Ten Outstanding Youths (short for Shih-Chieh Association) Electees thus initiates “Digital Content Talents Cultivation Plan” and actively constitutes a program of “Executive Master of Digital Content Creativity, Research and Development”, which gives courses from this September.

Welcome to NTNU

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